Salaries Not Credited For AP Govt Employees!Government employees usually get their salaries and retired get their pensions on the 1st of every month. But this is a thing of the past ever since the new government came in 2019.

The employees are no longer a priority and there is no idea when the salaries and pensions get credited. Today is May 6th and many are yet to get their paychecks.

The government needs 5,400 Crore for pensions and salaries every month. Only 2000 Crore has been cleared so far which means not even half of the actual.

The government is short of funds and whatever is available were diverted to the freebies.

The Central government stopped all loans for this financial year until the state government gives all details of its loans after the accusations of secret loans exceedings allowed limits.

In the wake of this, the government employees and the pensioners are suffering.

The treasury department is absolutely clueless about when the salaries will be credited.

This happens almost every month and the government cities technical glitches as the reason for the delay to save its face.