Sakshi‘s Seva Rajakeeyam With Taraka RatnaNandamuri Taraka Ratna Passed away after 23 days of battle in the hospital. His body is brought to Hyderabad and the final rites will happen tomorrow. Meanwhile, Sakshi started Seva Rajakeeyam using Taraka Ratna.

Sakshi carried a small snippet news in Today’s Newspaper saying that Taraka Ratna was spot dead on the first day of Padayatra but was kept in the Bengaluru hospital just to avoid bad name for Lokesh.

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“After 23 days of Drama treatment, his death was confirmed on Shiva Ratri day,” Sakshi wrote.

Five days after Taraka Ratna collapsed in the Padayatra, Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy visited him in the hospital and spoke to Media.

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He said the best doctors are attending to Taraka Ratna and also thanked Nandamuri Balakrishna for making all the necessary arrangements.

While Vijayasai Reddy himself say Taraka Ratna is very much alive, Sakshi resorts to cheap Sava Rajakeeyam with Taraka Ratna. That too even before the final rites concluded.

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