Sakshi, Sakshi Vs TDP, Sakshi Allegations TDP, Sakshi Programs TDP, Sakshi Vs Chandrababu Naidu, Sakshi Vs Telugu Desam PartySakshi Media, the mouthpiece of YSR Congress goes to any extent to support the Leader of Opposition and malign the image of the state government and there are no prizes for the guessing motive behind that. But Sakshi is coming with innovative ideas these days to malign the government but they do not make even an iota of sense.

A few days ago, there is an Akasa Ramanna Letter alleging that TDP leaders have encroached several acres of land in Amaravati. One would not understand why there is no police complaint about the encroachment and that too this happened in an area which is known for a politically vigilant public. Even after Sakshi’s extensive coverage about the letter, there is no complaint.

And then the other day, Sakshi aired a letter which blackmails YSR Congress Mangalagiri MLA, Alla Rama Krishna Reddy against going for an appeal over Chandrababu Naidu’s involvement in Cash for Vote case. The anonymous letter claims to kill the MLA if he did that. One would wonder why someone writes a letter leaving behind the evidence!