Sakshi's Double Standards Exposed!Sakshi is almost like the pamphlet of the YSR Congress. The paper and channel always try to push the agenda of the party and demean the opposition in every possible way.

Sometimes, Sakshi does that so brazenly and does not even mind getting exposed.

The other day, Central Government banned thirteen states including Andhra Pradesh from making Power Purchases from National Exchanges due to long-standing pending dues.

Sakshi carried the main page item saying how the previous TDP government is responsible for pending dues etc.

But then, the Union Government lifted the ban saying that Andhra Pradesh is placed in the ban due to some error.

Today Sakshi carried that statement. But in these two days, the eagerness of Sakshi to make TDP responsible for everything under the sun is exposed.

Sakshi will never regret or clarify such things because it thinks the audience will never realize what it is doing.