chandrababu naidu slap on sakshi mediaInteresting are the ways of YSR Congress Party and their media, Sakshi. Last evening, there was this announcement of Chicago State University conferring Doctorate to Chandrababu Naidu for leading Andhra Pradesh to progress. Normally opposition parties remain silent on such issues if not they are able to congratulate.

But YSR Congress unleashed Roja on to Chandrababu who almost cursed the University for conferring Doctorate to Chandrababu. She just stopped short of abuses on the University which never gave a doctorate to a foreign politician since its inception.

And early in the morning, Sakshi came up with a big article saying Chicago State University in small University. It also went on to say there is some Telugu guy on board of University who may have made it happen. But YSR Congress and Sakshi better understand that people will not enjoy political hatredness on every issue.