YS Jagan smiling faceCredibility is the major need for any media house to sustain. There are some media houses which lean to a political party but still enjoy that credibility because the leaning is not totally in all the issues and not at all the times. This basic principle is often ignored by Sakshi as a result, the media house stands at the juncture even YSR Congress support base do not believe that.

Recently a lawyer from Tirupati attempted suicide. In his suicide note, he pointed out at the disappointment over Chandrababu and Narendra Modi. Sakshi prominently covered this news item bashing Chandrababu left and right. They even posted a picture of the suicide note. But it is interesting to note that Sakshi’s article makes no mention about Modi part of the letter.

Those who read the article can clearly sense that Sakshi had shouldered the political vendetta of Jagan Mohan Reddy. And as it is clearly evident, the media house can not hope for people believing it. This type of strategy adopted by Sakshi will only backfire on Jagan, forget about helping him in any ways.