Sakshi turns fully anti-Andhra PradeshIn a bid to garner political mileage, YSR Congress and its Sakshi Newspaper are stooping to new lows. The Newspaper today published an article prominently about why Vijayawada do not need a Metro Rail Project. They brought so called Transport expert and went on to write how the Metro Rail is not needed for the city.

The so called expert went on to even say that Vijayawada has no scope to become a metropolitan city in future and the Metro Rail Project is only satisfy the whims and fancies of the ruling party and the people. The expert went on take 2011 census in predicting the future population growth of the city.

He went on to say that population growth will not be on the lines of Hyderabad as people will only choose neighbouring cities. The expert alleged that Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Chief Sridharan also can not be trusted in this issue and he may not have done scientific examination on to the project. Sakshi seems like do not want center to fund the project or Amaravati develop like other capital cities.