Sakshi turns fully anti-Andhra PradeshYSR Congress seem to be trying for political benefit in TDP not fielding fourth candidate for Rajya Sabha. The party which was preaching ethics until yesterday to dissuade TDP from putting up the fourth candidate, is trying to portray TDP’s decision as its achievement. Nellore MLA, Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy said TDP failed to put up a candidate fearing defeat.

Kotamreddy is now speaking as if YSR Congress challenged to put up a fourth candidate and TDP failed to put up. And on the other side, Sakshi came up with another interesting story. The media house said that the state government tried to locate Rajya Sabha elections to Vijayawada so that they can kidnap or arrest YSR Congress MLAs under false cases.

There by, preventing Vijaya Sai Reddy from getting the needed votes. Chandrababu Naidu is trying his level best to shift every thing related to AP to Amaravati. Even Administration is being shifted to Amaravati, another such attempt to conduct Rajya Sabha elections in Vijayawada is being masked and used for political gains of YSR Congress. The same leaders and Sakshi would have been speaking differently if the fourth candidate is in the fray.