ys rajasekhara reddy hari rama jogaiah commentsVeteran politician Harirama Jogaiah’s biography on politics has become a point of discussion these days in media circles. The veteran politician says that many don’t have the patience to read his entire book and hence they are quoting only the parts that would be beneficial to them to attack their opponents.

In a recent interview, Harirama Jogaiah says how Sakshi didn’t publish what he wrote on YSR’s corruption and when he questioned them in a live programme on Sakshi TV, they evaded the question. Talking about the connection between YSR’s corruption and the welfare schemes he took up, the veteran says that those welfare schemes are like bait to dogs (people) to keep quiet while YSR is plundering the wealth through corruption.

Amongst the present crop of politicians, he opines that Chandra Babu Naidu is the most capable Chief Minister while YS Rajasekhar Reddy the most corrupt one who knew how to loot wealth with popular schemes. True to his words, this analysis from Harirama Jogaiah has been avoided and only parts which can be used for vested interests were published in some dailies.