YS-Jagan-Chandrababu-Naidu-SakshiChandrababu Naidu constructed Gated Communities for the Urban Poor on a large scale. Some of these houses have contributions from the Central Government and there is a beneficiary contribution as well.

These houses were around 80-95% completed by the time the new government came in. Chandrababu could not hand over them to the beneficiaries.

To avoid credit to Chandrababu, Jagan left the remaining work incomplete for more than three years. The buildings were painted in YSR Congress colors.

They are renamed as YSR Jagananna Nagaralu. The High Court also gave judgments for the speedy handover of the houses but nothing happened.

Just before the elections, there is an attempt to complete the remaining works and hand them over to the beneficiaries.

Sakshi today wrote an article about how they are being transformed into Satellite Cities. They elaborated on the facilities available there.

There was a picture of such houses from Nellore Venkatapuram which were almost completed before 2019. We will also see drone visuals of the houses in the coming days transferring the credit to Jagan.