Kia Motors - Chandrababu Naidu - sakshiSakshi Media is going Bonkers over the Kia Motors which launched its First Trial Car the other day. The YSR Congress owned media has been airing malicious stories in Two Different Angles. On one side, it is claiming that Kia Motors has no credit to Chandrababu Naidu whatsoever and it happened due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiative.

YSR Congress and BJP started one more story saying that some TDP Leaders tried to ask for Bribes from the company and they almost left the Project and reported to their headquarters in South Korea. It was then the Prime Minister’s Office interfered to pacify them and ensured that it happened.

This story is nowhere in the Public domain till now but was para-dropped to spoil the historic occasion. One more malicious story Sakshi carried today is that the Kia Motors Plant is not at all finished with machinery yet to arrive. They said the company brought the trial car from Korea and made a Hungama out of nothing just because of elections.

Supposing that the car is not really assembled in Anantapur Kia Motors Plant, Why would the Multinational Company do such a thing for Chandrababu Naidu who played no role in the project happening? This type of cheap stories will neither help the journalistic standards nor bring any goodwill for YSR Congress.