Sakshi Mark Journalism: Edits Nani's Interview!Nani‘s Ante Sundaraniki is releasing on June 10th. Just like every News Channel, Nani had given an interview to Sakshi TV as well.

In the interview, Nani was asked about his earlier comments on ticket prices.

“This is a big problem with social media trolls. They pick up something in an entire speech and say I insulted Kirana shop owners. In fact, I did not say anything demeaning about them. I only meant collections in a theater should not be less than that of a Kirana shop,” he said.

“I did not ask for the highest prices. I asked for prices amicable to everyone in the ecosystem including the audience. I do not have political knowledge about who takes such decisions. I know only about cinema,” he clearly explained.

Sakshi and YSR Congress are obviously angry with Nani since the incident. Sakshi had used this interview against Nani.

A small clip – “I did not say about Kirana shop owners” was cut and was attached to the past statement and showcased it as Nani changing words.

Nani said in the interview that he has no knowledge about politics. Sakshi kept a thumbnail ‘Naku Burra ledhu’.

Sakshi seems to be trying to hit Nani below the belt just before the movie release.

It is disgusting that Sakshi used an interview given to itself for this propaganda.

Also, in the interview, Nani explained how social media trolls misinterpret his comments but that is exactly what Sakshi did here.