ys-jagan-sakshi-buildingYS Jagan Mohan Reddy owned Sakshi media is making a merry with the ongoing tension in Kirlampudi. The media house which never let go any oppurtunity to target the government, is defying all the orders of the Police department and the government and is giving intense coverage to the issue.

Government reportedly appealed to all media house to co-operate to make sure the rumours do not spread. All the media houses have mostly obliged to the government orders but as usually, Sakshi is having its own way. Sakshi is also trying to rake sentiments by repeatedly airing news about Mudhragada arrest.

There were reports of Doors broken, Mudhragada dragged out and Lathi Charge on his followers in the Sakshi media repeatedly. However the channel did not get the visuals of the arrest since Police have evacuated media from few Kilometers of radius around Mudhragada’s house in Kirlampudi.