SakshiAndhra Pradesh Government had given an allowance of 200 Rupees to each village and ward Secretariat staff to educate themselves about Government policies and schemes by buying Newspapers every month.

The Government in the G.O. asked the employees to purchase most-circulated Newspaper. Usually in that case, it should be Eenadu but Sakshi is being purchased due to obvious reasons.

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The oral instructions were given to that extent. Eenadu approached the High Court against these orders and requested court to stop the G.O.

It had also asked the court to direct Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) not to record such purchases in the circulation numbers of the Newspapers as they may tamper the real circulation positions and given an undue advantage to Sakshi over Eenadu.

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But High Court dismissed Eenadu’s petitions saying that the Government did not direct to purchase Sakshi in particular. The court opined it can establish the motive even though it is evident.

In a way this judgement of the High Court is like giving a License for Sakshi to tamper the circulation numbers.

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