Sakshi's Funny Sermons about Journalism to TV9Sakshi Media Group was started by the Late YS Rajasekhara Reddy to take on the Media Space and fill it with Congress Favouritism. After his demise, Sakshi is serving as the Political Pamphlet of YSR Congress. Sakshi with the financial and Political Support penetrated into the media space quickly but is far from the Number One Position in Print and Electronic Media.

Hence we often have seen Sakshi foul crying on TV9 and Eenadu, the leaders in those Segments. Sakshi tried to kill Eenadu’s Credibility by using Margadarsi issue and even the death of Ramoji Rao’s son. Now, Sakshi is trying to shoot down TV9 in Ravi Prakash case. Sakshi has been dedicating hours of Run Time to malign Ravi Prakash in this issue.

And on the other hand, YSR Congress has pressed Vijaya Sai Reddy to target Ravi Prakash. Interestingly, YSR Congress is supporting TV9’s new management in this issue hoping that they will take their side from now. Usually, Media Houses exercise some restraint while publishing News about their competitors.

But since Sakshi is less of a media house and more of a YSR Congress
Mouthpiece, Ravi Prakash has because of its target since Yesterday. While TV9 and Ravi Prakash are no saints, it is funny that Sakshi is lecturing them about Journalism Values. The whole issue only reveals the kind of filth filled in Telugu Electronic Media Space.