Sakshi Foulcries on TDP's No Confidence MotionSakshi Newspaper today published an article foul-crying the No Confidence Motion of TDP on the Union Government saying that there is a secret nexus between TDP and YSR Congress. Sakshi found fault with Speaker admitting the Motion on the first day of the session.

It has reminded its readers that 13 notices of YSR Congress were not accepted. Interestingly, it did not say them that TDP also gave 13 notices in the last session which were not taken up then. The Media house owned by Jagan Mohan Reddy also mentioned how TDP’s motion was accepted while eight other parties also gave the notices.

Interestingly, Congress asked for their motion to be taken up since they are the single largest party. But Speaker specifically mentioned that the first notice given will be taken up according to the rules and it was given by TDP. Sakshi did not mention that conveniently. If there is really a nexus, will any government allow No Confidence Motion on itself?