Sakshi's Cheap Politics on Chandrababu Naidu's Hand Shake with Narendra ModiJagan Mohan Reddy owned Sakshi Media had a field run with the Picture of Chandrababu Naidu shaking hands with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi the other day. Sakshi went on write how Chandrababu had a backdoor deal with Modi while faking about fight on the Center.

This seems to be a hit job of the media owned by the Opposition. It is quite common that leaders exchange pleasantries when they meet. We have seen Chandrababu and YSR doing that and Jagan and Chandrababu doing the same on numerous occasions.

Even KCR and Chandrababu during the height of the Cash for Vote scam also shook hands at an event in Raj Bhavan. It is quite common that those in Power will need to follow some courtesies and Protocols especially in Official Meetings like this one in Delhi.

Rivalry in Politics is not a Street Fight. It is a battle of ideologies and policies which has to be fought politically, at the same time with dignity. But then, Sakshi’s only agenda is blaming Chandrababu for everything under the Sun.