Sakshi Paper TDPIt is tough being the Editors of Sakshi in this season. TDP has put up a sensational show in the MLC elections winning three out of three in Graduates quota.

The other day, Sakshi avoided writing about TDP‘s victory saying that the result is not officially announced. Filling up today‘s Newspaper is even worse for them.

Sakshi chose to title the item as ‘Rendo Pradanyatha Votelatho Gattekina TDP‘ as if YSR Congress won and TDP managed deposit with second priority votes.

If TDP winning can be called ‘Gattekkadam‘, what is YSR Congress losing called?

Sakshi also mentioned about Uttarandhra and East Rayalaseema winners in the same small snippet news. It chose to write the name of the candidates instead of mentioning TDP‘s victory.

In the detailed item on Page 14th, it chose to write all kinds of silly reasons like counting irregularities, officials helping TDP, Alliances helping, etc.

It’s tough to be the Editors at Sakshi on days like this and looks like many such days are on.