JanaSena_Pawan_Kalyan_SakshiJanasena President Pawan Kalyan is slowly slipping into election mode. Today, he took his election vehicle, Varahi to Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple and performed Vaahana Pooja there.

He went all the way to Kondagattu from Hyderabad in a car rally. Fans accompanied him in big numbers and also welcomed him in a massive manner in Kondagattu.

All the News Channels have given ‘Live’ of this tour but the Jagan-owned Sakshi channel blacked it out completely. It is almost like the program does not exist for Sakshi and its management.

Incidentally, we are told that Sakshi management even instructed its editorial team of the film desk to avoid Pawan Kalyan pictures. This is happening for a while now.

Sakshi avoids Pawan Kalyan pictures even for the star’s film news and also for the events he attends as the Chief Guest.

It looks like Jagan has taken the political rivalry too personally.