Sakshi Admitted TDP's Rise In Kadapa!Sakshi today published an article about how there is a competition in TDP for the Kadapa MLA ticket.

Ameer Babu Nawabjan who lost against Deputy CM Amzath Basha Shaik Bepari is keen to contest again and is confident of getting the seat.

Meanwhile, the other leaders are said to be urging the party leadership to give chance to a non-minority candidate this time.

TDP politburo member Reddeppagari Srinivasulu Reddy (Vasu) and senior TDP leader Alamkhanpalle Lakshmireddy are keen to contest from Kadapa Assembly.

Srinivasulu Reddy is already announced as a candidate for Kadapa Parliament but Sakshi writes he is interested in the assembly seat.

While Sakshi is keen on exposing the internal conflicts in TDP, it has only admitted that TDP has improved in Kadapa and there is a competition for the ticket.

Kadapa happens to be the home district of CM Jagan. TDP drew a blank in the district in 2019.

YCP candidate here scored a whopping 54,794 votes majority in 2019. This is a scary number and the lost candidate should not be interested to contest again.

If there is a competition for the Kadapa assembly ticket, it is good news for TDP.