GO-No-1-Sajjala-Ramakrishna-ReddyIt is known that the AP High Court recently struck down the highly controversial G.O. No. 1 that was passed by the Jagan government, which. restricts opposition parties from holding public meetings in crowded places. They cited public safety as the reason behind this seemingly unacceptable order.

The court opined that the order restricts the basic rights of the opposition parties in the state and this isn’t the right practice.

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However, the Jagan government doesn’t seem to have learned a lesson from the feedback from the court.

Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has announced that the YCP government will bring back GO No. 1 in another form at a later point. He said the court just reprimanded them over the G.O but this isn’t the end of it. He added that the order will be bought back with other modulations.

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Going by Sajjala’s comment, it is evident that the AP government’s intention was never about public safety, but just to restrict the opposition parties.

Now that Lokesh and Chandrababu are alwaready drawing huge crowds to their political meetings, and Pawan Kalyan also likely to start public campaigns soon, the YCP government is looking to bring back the GO.

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As it appears, the YCP government has given up on their hopes for the next elections, and their only modus operandi now is to irk the opposition parties through this controversial GO, opine political experts. For a government to stand, its good work needs to resonate, but trying to curb the opposition will only backfire badly.