YSRCP-Sajjala-Rama-Krishna-ReddyOn Friday, the CBI filed an additional counter in the Telangana High Court while opposing Avinash Reddy’s petition for anticipatory bail in YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case. The name of Chief Minister YS Jagan is mentioned for the first time in this case.

CBI says YS Jagan knows the death of Vivekananda Reddy before PA Krishna Reddy is revealed it to the public on the day Viveka was killed. There is a ground for the CBI even to question Jagan now and on the other side, the agency is trying its level best to arrest MP Avinash Reddy.

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Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy responded on the behalf of YSR Congress about Jagan’s name on the counter.

“Everything is going as per the plan. This is only to create a sensation in AP politics but there is no truth in this. It looks like the agency is trying its level best to arrest Avinash. It should be revealed how Chandrababu is coordinating with the CBI. TDP leaders and the media are knowing the case details first,” Sajjala said.

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It looks as if Sajjala is alleging that Chandrababu is micromanaging the CBI.

This looks like a very weak argument by Sajjala because we all know the gap between Chandrababu and the Central Government right now. Moreover, we have seen Modi Government showing an immense love for Jagan by giving loans and financial assistance going out of the way to fund the CM’s freebies.

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Modi is showing his lower not considering the warnings of the financial experts about AP’s financial health.

At this juncture, people will not believe if Sajjala says Chandrababu is managing the CBI.

Also, it is to be noted Jagan does not make these allegations himself. If he does, Modi and Shah will be upset. So, he uses Sajjala for this purpose.

“Sajjala is the highest-paid advisor in the state for obvious reasons. However, he lacks the creativity needed in this case. He is definitely not doing justice to the hefty salary he is being paid,” TDP leader GV Reddy mocks.