Sajjala Ramakrishna ReddySajjala Rama Krishna Reddy is at the center of the storm struggling to defend the party in Viveka’s case and the recent verdict of the high court. While Sajjala is trying his best to put up a brave face, his face is speaking the mood of the government.

The other day, Sajjala vented his frustration on the celebration of the farmers after the favorable verdict. “Their Hungama and hadavidi are irritating. Their vekili chestalu and veshalu are unbearable. They are not farmers, they are selfish people expecting 1000-2000 Rupees returns for 1 Rupee investment,” Sajjala said.

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“Kneeling before High Court, rolling before the high court, etc is too much. They are trying to cast aspirations to the courts,” Sajjala added. But then, Amaravati farmers are hitting back against Sajjala.

“Wow Sajjala is so concerned about judiciary’s respect while his party leaders are bad-mouthing the judiciary day in day out,” they criticize.

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“When it comes to the celebrations, how could Sajjala forget their gang’s celebrations when Jagan is out of jail. While they celebrated a bail, we at least celebrated the victory for our justifiable demands. Looks like he is so frustrated. Gurivinda ginja thana naluperugadhannatlu,” they ridicule.