Sajjala Admitted Things Going Bad For Jagan?It looks like Jagan Mohan Reddy is not in the mood of completing his full term in the fear of anti-incumbency. Government Adviser Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy dropped a hint to that extent.

YSR Congress is strengthening. The Government has gone well into the people. They are trusting us more than ever. We will go to the election in one or two years,” Sajjala said.

Any government which is strong will not sacrifice one year of its term.

Usually, a party goes to snap polls only when it is worried about growing anti-incumbency.

It will advance the elections to avoid facing elections when anti-incumbency further increases.

Things will definitely go bad when the Opposition is fully in election mode and when the state’s financial condition worsens.

If the usual claims of Jagan and the party leaders are to be believed, there should be no question of snap polls.

This is almost an indirect admission of things not going well for Jagan.