Vijay-Sai-Reddy-EenaduOn Sunday, Andhra Pradesh Politics is all about Vishakapatnam. But then, between 11 AM and 5 PM yesterday, YSR Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijayasai Reddy was completely about Ramoji Rao on Twitter.

He posted five tweets bashing Ramoji Rao in all possible ways. And then, this morning, there is the main page item in Eenadu about how Sai Reddy’s daughter’s company bought lands in Vizag outskirts at one-third of the market price.

The prices of these lands will get doubled if Bhogapuram – Beach Road works begin. The prices will increase many times if Vishaapatnam becomes Executive Capital.

There is no way some will sell such lands at less than market prices.

The market value of these lands is around 177 Crore and Sai Reddy’s daughter’s company bought them only for 57 Crore.

It is evident that the MP used his power or force to make that happen.

Keeping aside the topic, one can not miss how Vijayasai Reddy got a hint about Monday’s article of Eenadu and was busy all Sunday bashing Ramoji Rao.

That gives rise to doubts if Sai Reddy has informers in Eenadu as well.

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