CC TV Camera in HyderabadTelangana government had decided to install One Lakh CCTVs in the city so as to meet the dream of ‘Safe Hyderabad’. These One Lakh CCTVs will be installed at all the junctions of the City to monitor the security issues as well as Traffic violations. The government will very soon invite the tenders for the procurement of the CCTVs.

These CCTVS will be all connected to and monitored by the 24-storied Command Control Centre at Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The data in the CCTV cameras will be stored for 30 days and analysed at the Command Control Centre. The government is estimating that the project cost of City Wide CCTV System is Rs 657 crore.

And the project cost of the Command Control Centre is Rs 302 crore. The state government is planning to complete the 959 Crore project in two years time. The government says the project would be highly helpful in checking rowdyism, terrorism and naxalism.