KVP Rama Chandra Rao KVP Rama Chandra Rao has attended a PCC meeting in Vijayawada on Saturday and made some very critical comments on Jagan Mohan Reddy’s rule.

“It is sad to see the state of Andhra Pradesh under Jagan’s rule. Jagan is not fighting for Bifurcation problems. He is not questioning the Center for Special Status. Polavaram can change the fate of AP but it has become a tragedy now,” KVP said.

“Jagan’s father YSR dreamed to complete the Polavaram project and make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister. Jagan is not even trying to fulfill these. He is harming the development of the state by coming close to BJP,” KVP added.

KVP had clarified that in 1996 itself, he and YSR have did a promise never to leave Congress. “I will be in Congress till end of my life,” KVP announced.