Nikki Yadav MurderA young woman, Nikki Yadav(23), from Delhi, was strangled by her boyfriend, Sahil Gehlot (24), with a charging cable. He stuffed her dead body into a fridge which can be seen in security footage from the spot where she was murdered.

On Tuesday, Nikki Yadav’s body was found inside a fridge at a restaurant owned by Sahil Gehlot’s family. Sahil was arrested after he led the cops to the body.

Nikki was last seen in the CCTV footage entering her rented home dated February 9. According to the police, she was killed hours later by Sahil Gehlot.

The couple, who were in a live-in relationship, fought inside a car parked near the house for around three hours over Sahil marrying another woman. When the fight escalated, Nikki was strangled by Sahil using a charging cable. After realizing the seriousness of the crime he committed, Sahil panicked and decided to hide the body in a refrigerator at his family’s dhaba.

Nikki never knew Sahil was engaged to another woman. Reports say she had threatened to file a case if he married someone else.

What is turning out to be even more shocking is the fact that after murdering Nikki Yadav at 9 AM on February 10, Sahil Gehlot got married to another woman roughly 12 hours later. His newly-wed bride has returned to her parent’s house after Sahil’s arrest.

The murder has chilling similarities to Shraddha Walkar’s murder last year by her boyfriend, Aaftab Poonawalla, who chopped her body into several pieces and disposed of them part by part, keeping the parts in his fridge for weeks.

Shraddha’s case became a burning topic in the country, but this case is not being highlighted much in the media, maybe because, in that case, the murderer was from a minority community.