RSS Survey On Manugode: BJP Losing?The Manugode by-election saga is progressing on a highly interesting note with BJP, TRS, and Congress making moves to win the polls.

There was a viral social media post. In the post, we can see an internal survey report card on Manugode by polls. It is made to look like the internal report belongs to RSS, the think tank behind BJP.

In the report we can see that the numbers suggest a TRS win with a huge margin while the BJP is restricted to very poor numbers.

Hours after the survey report went viral on social media, RSS and BJP troops came out, breathing fire on TRS.

“The survey report with the RSS letter head is a fake one. This is nothing but another cheap move from TRS and it’s chief KCR. Even Prashant Kishore might be behind it. But they should keep in mind that RSS is not involved with the political side of BJP. They should leave RSS out of their fake narrative” a tweet from a BJP big wig read.

BJP troops are claiming that the letter is a fake one circulated by TRS activists on social media.