Rs 50 First Look Get Ready to Welcome the New NotesRumors that RBI is going to issue new Rs. 50 and Rs. 20 denominations soon are going viral on the internet with these pictures share on the posts. The Rs. 50 note looked a little distinct from the old note The new one is green with Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on it with Governor Urjit R. Patel’s signature.

When the rumors hit the internet people were first worried if the old notes would be demonetized again like they did in November. But there is no need to worry as the rumor turned true as the RBI announced the issue of new currency and also have assured that the old notes would also be valid.

As Economic Times reported, RBI announced to the press release on Friday about the issue of new 50 and 20 denominations soon. A motif of Hampi with Chariot in reverse would be added to the notes along with geometric patterns on it.