Rs 200 First Look RBI Missing Link CurrencyEver since the Rs. 1000 notes were banned, there has been a crunch in “change”. There were also instances where the shop’s displayed a notice to carry change or nothing. It is not that bad now, people got habituated to the available denominations of 50, 100 and 2000.

Yet, RBI wanted to fill that gap and introduced Rs. 200 denominations on Friday which they called as the missing link in the denominations. Well, people rushed to the banks to have their hands on these brand new denominations. RBI said that they are gonna keep them coming more in terms of production to make the notes available for free circulation.

The note looks like a mixture of the other denominations as it has the colors of old Rs. 1000 note and the new Rs. 2000 notes with gold shade as the dominating color of the note. How do you like the new denominations? Good or bad they are currency who wouldn’t like them!