Rs-100-Cr-For-YS-Jagan-Vizag-HouseAP CM YS Jagan recently reinstated that he will soon be shifting to Vizag and operate from there. He announced Vizag as the executive capital of Andhra Pradesh and the stage is being prepared for him to move there.

Reportedly, the government officials are busy getting things done to prepare the official residence for the CM in Vizag.

As per the report from a Telugu tabloid, as many as Rs 100 crores funds were allotted for Jagan’s house in Vizag. His house is likely to be built at Bay Park.

The very fact that a whopping Rs 100 crores are being spent on the CM residence shows the kind of grandeur and luxury it might boast of.

With Jagan likely to move to Vizag in the next couple of months itself, the matter is said to be dealt with in a priority manner.

With the CM residence alone costing Rs 100 crores, one can only wonder about the whole moving operations pertaining to the relocation of top level government officials, public representatives and others.