RRR_Bandi_SanjayRRR has made the nation proud as the original song in the film – Naatu Naatu won the Golden Globe in Best Song – Motion Picture category. The unit is now flooded with congratulatory messages from all quarters.

Incidentally, Telangana BJP chief, Bandi Sanjay is one of the many noted personalities to have congratulated RRR. But he is now facing trolls for the same and here’s why.

Back when RRR’s promotional material releases, Bandi fired on Rajamouli, saying RRR is showing Telangana tribal freedom fighter Komaram Bheem is shown as a Muslim. He even threatened to burn down the theaters screenings RRR if Bheem is shown as a Muslim.

Bandi created an unnecessary controversy and even badmouthed Rajamouli even before watching the film.

Now, the very same Bandi has congratulated Rajamouli and team RRR for the Golden Globe win. As expected, netizens are pointing out his previous derogatory remarks on RRR and Rajamouli.

“Does Bandi think people are dumb. He foul mouthed Rajamouli and RRR over some vague promotional material and threatened to burn theaters over the same. But now that RRR won global acclaim, he has queued up to congratulate the team. The double standards are staggernig” A netizen commented.