Roja's Loud Mouth to Backfire on YSRCP?Real Opposition means only you are cornering the government constructively but not when you throw at every issue that comes your way. This is the lesson YSR Congress should learn big time. YSR Congress MLA Roja is taking on the government on the issue of a girl who committed suicide due to Ragging in Kurnool.

Roja has unleashed an attack as if Chandrababu Naidu or Lokesh are directly involved in abetting her suicide. Roja even went offensive saying that Chandrababu would have known the pain only if she had a girl child. This is a derogatory comment from the MLA.

Such comments will only showcase that YSR Congress is behaving as Power mongering party and will do no good to the opposition party. There are enough rules and regulations for curbing ragging but college managements should take care of what is happening. It is not the case the Chief Minister should be in every college to curb ragging.