Roja Shows Her 'Power' In TirumalaThere is an uncontrollable crowd in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. Common devotees’ darshan is taking more than 48 hours. TTD has requested senior citizens, and women with toddlers to cancel or reschedule their plans.

TTD also canceled VIP break darshan until the 21st of this month.

But then, Ministers are continuing to flock to Tirumala with scores of their followers and are forcing their way to Darshan ignoring TTD.

The other day, Minister Usha Sri Charan did it the other day and today, it is the turn of another minister Roja.

Despite Roja’s request, TTD refused to issue Protocol break darshan tickets. The minister expressed his anger at the TTD officials for issuing only normal break tickets.

She stayed in the Srivari temple for two hours and ensured darshan to her followers.

With the minister in the temple, TTD officials and staff could not dare to stop them and ensured Darshan by stopping the queue of common devotees for a couple of hours.