Roja says no regrets over her behaviour!YSR Congress MLA, Roja who is at the center of storm in AP Assembly, says she has no regrets over her behaviour and will not apologize to any one. Roja defended her actions and foul language as her fight for women and her constituency people. She responded like this when a media personnel asked if she will apologize for her behaviour.

“Since the day I came in to politics. I fought against that Mahanetha Rajasekhar Reddy and KCR. Both of them saw that as my fight against issue but never had personal grudge on me. But Chandrababu is seeing me as an enemy. I never committed any mistake in my career. TDP government is trying to stop me from raising voice against women problems and the problems of my constituency,” Roja said.

Only Roja can explain how abusing Minister Peethala Sujatha, commenting on MLA Anitha’s personal life and calling Chief Minister Chandrababu with unparliamentary names can be termed as fight for women and her constituency people. Its high time she at least feel sorry for behaviour!