Minister RojaYCP’s Roja has her way when it comes to calling out her political opponents. She is often criticised by Pawan Kalyan’s fans for her unnecessarily provocative comments on the JanaSena chief.

This time around, the YCP lady has come out against the whole mega family as she came up with a theory so as to how the mega family is influencing Tollywood.

When asked about the Jabardast actors who recently commented about YCP ministers, saying they don’t even know their ministries, Roja replied “It’s not right to speak against these Jabardast actors. They’re imbecile and are rather weak. We should think about the people who are behind them”.

She added “The mega family has 7-8 heroes in Tollywood. If you stand against them, you won’t receive film offers. That’s why these Jabardast actors are behind them.”

“This is purely out of fear for the Mega family and not from love. If the industry really loves the Mega family, then why didn’t Prakash Raj, who was strengthened by them in MAA elections, win the election?.”

Roja added that the mega family is behind these verbal attacks on YCP ministers, which she says are insignificant.