Roja complicating future with own hands?YSR Congress MLA Roja who is facing one year suspension from AP Assembly, seem to be complicating her political future with own hands. Roja the other day did not attend the privileges committee meeting stating ill health. However this is the fourth time she was asked to attend the meeting and she missed all the three.

It is also said that TDP MLA Anitha who is at the receiving end for Roja’s foul mouth in the house, told the All Party committee that she is willing to let go Roja if she asks for an apology in the house. But Roja announced that she never did any thing wrong and need not apologize to any one.

All these prompts to take action on her. Political experts however say that Roja and YSR Congress wants the suspension because it can be used as a political tool to counter TDP government and also rake women sentiment. But it is a doubt if women sympathize with Roja after seeing her poor behaviour in the house.