YS-jagan-roja-guntur-deekshThe recent political happenings in YSR Congress totally come as a surprise. Nagari MLA Roja is the most vocal leader in the party. She managed to draw the media attention towards the party even when its popularity is hitting all time low. However there are rumours that Jagan is sidelining Roja for some reason.

There are rumours that some of the senior leaders of the party have advised Jagan to silence her especially after her not so good behaviour in the last assembly session. Roja is being too fast and harsh in the assembly which portrays the party in poor light they said. Also her political challenges on par with the male leads will do more bad than good, they said to Jagan.

Jagan reportedly communicated the same to Roja and advised her to maintain low profile. Roja was disappointed with this instruction from the party President and became silent since then if the political buzz is to be believed. The last we have seen Roja in full flow is on the dais of Special Status indefinite fast of Jagan which is almost a month ago. From then we barely see her in media.