Konidela_Nagababu_Roja_SelvamaniYCP’s Roja is known for her controversial and offensive verbal attacks on her political opponents. She often uses provocative language against TDP and JanaSena leaders.

In this context, Roja is put in the firing line by JanaSena troops.

Earlier, Naga Babu released a video bite in which he called out Roja.

“Being a tourism minister doesn’t mean you going on torus but developing the tourism industry. But all you do is pathetically cry foul on my brother Pawan Kalyan” Naga Babu said.

“Roja is more like a municipality Kuppa thotti. She doesn’t have a clue about his ministry and her only job is to cry on other parties.” He added.

Nagababu even used the statistical data to say AP is ranking in 18th place in the list of India’s tourism states. He added that with people like Roja in ministry positions, the situation will only get worse.

This #KuppaThottiRoja hashtag has also started to trend to trend on Twitter. JanaSena troops are having a field day over the same.