AP Politics YSRCPYSR Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy filed a Police complaint over the allegations of encroachments in Rushikonda by Ramoji Rao, Radhakrishna, and TV5 BR Naidu.

In the complaint, he mentioned that they are causing damage to YSR Congress party and Government’s image. 

TDP former MLA Bandaru Satyanarayana, MLA Velagapudi, Former MLC Buddha Venkanna, TDP City President Palla Srinivas were also named in the complaint.

While we do not go into this issue, Vijaysai Reddy complaining on any thing regarding fake allegations of Opposition is funny. That is because YSR Congress ecosystem thrived on the same things in the Opposition.

In Opposition, Vijaysai Reddy is one among the delegation who went to Delhi and complained to the Election Commission that 33 out of the newly appointed 37 DSPs belong to Chandrababu’s community.

Recently, Jagan Government in the Assembly admitted that the allegation is not true and there are only 3 Kammas in the 37 DSPs. This is just a tip of iceberg of how YSR Congress operated in Opposition.

Now, we see Vijaysai Reddy giving sermons on Opposition. “One can not be a rogue in the Opposition and a Saint when in ruling,” TDP ridicules.

Meanwhile, the locals say the Government should have gone for an inquiry led by a sitting judge instead of trying to brush it off.