Priyanka gandhi-Robert-VadraRobert Vadra is one man who needs no introduction. Apart from being the son in law of Sonia Gandhi, he is the husband of the very charming and loving Priyanka Gandhi. He has been all over the news when the BJP government started attacking him by filing cases against illegal acquisition of lands.

But the topic here is not that. Speaking to a leading daily, Robert gave a stunning reply about his wife and him joining politics. On being asked whether he would join politics in the future, Robert said ‘never say never’. But situation went out of hand when the interviewer asked him whether he would use his wife’s name for campaigning.

To this an angry Robert replied that he does no need his wife’s support or popularity to get into politics as he has his platter full because of his rich family. Though this statement became a huge topic of discussion and hinted that there is a problem between him and the Gandhi family, sources close to him reveal that it is only his egoistic attitude that made him speak like that.