Telangana government is not finding it easy to setup Telangana Bhavan in the National Capital. The new state is currently sharing the prestigious Andhra Pradesh Bhavan and is planning to construct a new bhavan in the Pataudi House Complex. However the proposal has hit several road blocks. The title deed of the land in Pataudi House is with Andhra Pradesh which has to be changed on Telangana government name.

Also Telangana government can not build multi-storey building in the proposed site since its a residential area. Construction of a multistorey building there will need to change the Delhi Master plan to declare the residential area into an institutional area. For any changes in the Delhi Master Plan, the approval of the Urban Development Ministry is mandatory. NT Rama Rao has got over 7. 4 acres of land in Pataudi house and 3.7 acres of land near AP Bhavan from the Center during his regime for the lieu of the palatial Hyderabad House.