Kodali_Nani_GudivadaAn NRI Venigalla Ramu is actively working on the ground in Gudivada to defeat Kodali Nani. He is silently doing many charity activities to impress the voters.

Nandivada Mandal of the constituency is known for its drinking water problem. Ramu is starting RO plants in each village of this Mandal to solve the problem.

He is appointing three persons in each village to oversee the charity works. He is also gearing up to start Anna Canteens on all important roads of the constituency from the 18th.

Senior leaders Raavi Venkateswara Rao and Pinnamaneni Babji who are at loggerheads for many years are invited to this inauguration.

Ramu’s wife is an SC and his father-in-law is a senior pastor overseeing many churches. Ramu already distributed 48,000 sarees in various churches in the constituency.

With a shrewd strategy, Operation Kodali Nani is being planned meticulously in Gudivada.

Weak candidate and lack of unity among the local leaders are the factors hindering TDP in the constituency. It looks like the party high command is working on all checkboxes.