Right Priorities For Jagan? Crazy!!Government Advisor Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy who is almost like the unofficial Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh had a Darshan of Venkateswara Swamy today morning in VIP Break. Later, he spoke to the media about the financial condition of the state.

“The financial condition of the state is shockingly serious because of the bifurcation and COVID. But CM Jagan is leading the state in right direction by choosing right priorities. AP will stand on its feet if there is financial assistance from the center. I prayed to God for ontime help of the Center,” Sajjala said.

This comments of Sajjala has invited flak on social media. “The Government should focus on bringing more investments to the state and increase state-owned revenues other than praying God for more loans and assistance from the Central Government,” they say

“And another joke is that CM Jagan choosing right priorities. In the middle of a Pandemic, doling out freebies and going for abnoxious amount of loans is exactly opposite to what we call as Right Priorities. Sajjala can do better,” they ridicule.