The future of Seema Andhra region is currently bleak. Congress government successfully exhausted all the surplus money in the treasury created during CBN’s tenure and deprived of any share in Hyderabad income when going out. The people of the region rightly elected Chandra Babu to bail them out in this crucial juncture. Chandra Babu’s whirlwind tour on Friday even before his swearing-in ceremony is a testimony of his hard work and dedication.

Chandrababu Naidu met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a host of Cabinet ministers on Friday demanding a level playing field, special status and special financial package for the fledgling Seemandhra and got positive response from them. Chandra Babu is rightly using his former friendships (during NDA rule in 1999) for the advantage of the state. Due to the immense respect he commands from the political leaders across the state, he is given appointment on any day at any time and his recommendations are always considered.

With Chandra Babu’s application, Seema Andhra people can feel a lot more secured right now. Chandra Babu will be swearing-in as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on June 8th in Guntur. He has invited the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers for the event and is hoping they will make it.