RGV's U-turn on YS Jagan's DecisionRam Gopal Varma was one of the few who condemned the YS Jagan’s decision to cut down movie ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh. He gave a logical explanation in favor of the moviemakers who get to decide the rate of their movie tickets.

RGV said if you go to a five-star hotel and pay double the amount for food, ambiance, and other facilities. That is your choice. As the hotel maintains a certain brand value, he has all the right to charge as much as he feels. How can you ask him to provide food for the same rate as much as the roadside hotel? It is the same with cinema. Many people commended his reasoning, but now it seems he has changed his stance completely.

In a recent interview, RGV said that the producers who hiked the ticket prices for their movies had become jokers. YS Jagan was always right, and he had the correct vision for the future.

He added that after a few flops, the filmmakers realized that their films weren’t worthy of such huge ticket prices, and they themselves are now lowering the ticket rates.

But, is it not the whole thing those invests on a product should decide the price. If it doesn’t work owner of the product decides to reduce or continue to bear losses whether it will be iPhone or a movie like RRR.

RGV’s U-turn is getting trolled heavily on social media. People are saying that he never stands on his stance and behaves like ‘Goda Meeda Pilli.’

Especially Pawan Kalyan fans, who praised RGV during Bheemla Nayak’s release when he criticized Jagan for the ticket price issue, are eating a humble pie now for supporting such an unreliable person.