RGV's Govinda Govinda Plot Happening For Real in USAIf anyone has watched Govinda, Govinda, the movie shows how much demand Indian idols have in various countries in the west. There are often stories about priceless idols being stolen from big temples and many other idols stolen from lesser known, smaller temples.

The idol wing of the Tamil Nadu police has commenced a probe after two idols from the state were traced to US museums. A 10th-century idol of Somaskandar was found at Norton Simon Museum, California, and another Amman idol was traced to another museum in Denver, US.

Incidentally, an inquiry began after the idol wing found that fake idols were present at the Sivagurunthan temple in Sivapuram, Kumbakonam, and that’s when DGP Jayanthi Murali swung into action. The pictures of the old idols were then procured from the French Institute, Puducherry.

Already questioning of temple authorities has started, and the Ministry of Home Affairs has also been informed of the situation. They will now take it up with the Indian embassy to ensure the safe return of the original idols.

Incidentally, the idol wing of Tamil Nadu has been doing a rather commendable job of retrieving antique idols from foreign countries, including the UK, US, France, Germany, and Australia.