RGV YSR CongressThe Jagan government was shocked by the manner in which the AP government employees conducted the Chalo Vijayawada rally in thousands against the PRC announced by the YCP government.

The images of thousands of people thronging the streets of Vijayawada went viral all over. But like always, maverick filmmaker, RGV had a take on it, and this time, it was a bit different.

Generally, RGV has been quite a calculative person who did not corner YS Jagan and has always supported him through even anti TDP films and speeches until recently. Even in the tickets rate issue, he was calculative with the approach and slammed the ideas and not the YSR Congress leaders.

Now, he made a series of tweets that are against the government. In his first tweet, RGV says he is getting a high fever seeing such huge crowds. But in his English tweet, RGV clearly says it is a shock to me that so many lakhs of government employees can come onto the roads to protest against their own government. I doubt if this ever happened anywhere in the world ever.

This new turn of his has surprised many. This tweet has also given free publicity to this backlash that the YCP government is facing. Seeing this U-turn some say that RGV did not like the way the YCP officials treated him when he met them regarding the ticket issue and that is the reason, he is taking out his depression in this way.