YS-JaganDasari-Kiran-KumarIn a strange coming together of sorts, controversial filmmaker RGV is working in the interests of YCP. He previously did films like Lakshmi’s NTR and Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu which were aimed to help YCP and defame TDP.

Varma will soon be doing a film titled Vyuham that will be produced by Dasari Kiran Kumar who previously made Vangaveeti with Varma. This film is scheduled for release before the 2024 elections and it is aimed to help YCP.

Now, the YCP government has richly rewarded RGV’s producer, Dasari Kiran Kumar who is continually making films that align with their interests.

Dasari Kiran Kumar is newly appointed as a TTD member. The Jagan government issued a government order on the same short while ago. The very same man will be making a film titled Vyuham ahead of 2024 elections which is intended to help YCP.

Netizens are commenting that the YCP government has made it a point to push their political narratives and reward everyone who aligns with the same, no matter how blatant it looks.